Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Concept

This is not my blog. This certainly is not a blawg.

This is a call for all like minded individuals who wish to make their own little contribution in finding solutions to the daily problems faced by the common man using the all-powerful weapon of the RTI Act.

My idea is that this group will identify issues in whose resolution RTI can be used and file at least seven RTI applications a week. The number may sound challenging - but read on and you will find it is not all that difficult. RTI applications are the easiest to draft (each takes a maximum of 15 minutes), are inexpensive (each takes a basic fee of Rs. 10/- and additional fee which is rarely prescribed) and are extremely effective.

Now on the inspiration behind this blog. It came from a woman whom I have never seen before, about whom I know nothing at all and whom I will probably never meet again. About four hours back, I was waiting outside Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai for a cab to reach my hostel after office (I am interning with a law firm). Many cabs refused to ply and I just kept waiting for another one. After about half an hour of waiting I overheard a heated argument between the woman I mentioned and a cab driver who refused to ply on her request. The cab moved on and she continued waiting. Then she did something which I am sure most of us would not have done. I overheard her call up the Traffic Control and register a complaint giving the details of the incident and the number of the cab.

When I finally got a cab and was in a mood to think, I started wondering why I had not done what this lady did despite me being in the same circumstances. In an instant, I had my answer. I knew that nothing would ever come out of such a complaint. As I did not trust the system, I just chose to not approach it. The small deed of that lady had moved me to do what I could. By the time I reached my hostel I was decided that I would file an RTI application with the Traffic Control seeking information as to how many such complaints had been registered in the last one year and what action had followed. From that thought came the idea of starting this initiative. 

Each week, we will post details of the RTI applications filed that week. Also, I will provide links to some materials that will make any person capable of drafting their own RTI applications. Readers are also encouraged to highlight issues in respect of which they would like me to file an RTI application on their behalf.

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  1. I am happy to be a part of this blog. Having interned in the information commission i was able to know how much the people can do in bringing out the bureaucracy accountable for their actions. But as the new Chief Justice of India has stated we should be careful to make sure we don't make frivolous claims and make our concerns as legitimate. I wish this blog will get popular support and many will join in. Good initiative deepak.