Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The first week: RTIs to further inclusiveness in educational sector

The first week has started running. By the end of this week we hope to have filed seven RTI applications on pertinent issues.

While considering what issues must be addressed through RTI applications in the first week, there were a range of issues to pick from. One was an application mentioned in the first post addressed to the Traffic Control seeking information on howmany complaints have been received on refusal by cabs to ply and what action had been taken in that respect.

I plan to dedicate the rest of the applications to support a noble cause. Many of you may already aware of an initiative called IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education). It is an endeavour to assist under privileged students in gaining quality legal education. I plan to dedicate the remaining six applications of the week to secure information from organisers of different national level entrance examinations as to (i) what percentage of students appearing in these examinations hail from rural regions and other specified disadvantaged backgrounds, (ii) what percentage of the candidates securing admissions come from such backgrounds and (iii) the trend in these figures over the last ten years. I hope this will assist IDIA in determining to what extend the low number of students from underprivileged backgrounds in premiere institutions of learning is attributable to a lack of awareness (and consequent lack of participation) and to what extend it is attributable to the lack of training and development of the requisite skills.

Readers are requested to post suggestions on what other issues can be addressed through our RTI applications in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: Though I have been fortunate to be associated with IDIA to some extend, no part of this post or any subsequent communication in this regard or the RTI applications filed as mentioned above should be attributed to IDIA or any persons associated with it. All communications and representations are made solely in my personal capacity.

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